Why We started

Everything started when we eye witnessed toxic toys pass through customs from China as non-toxic.

We care our kids and know how plastic are harmful. So we start research for non-toxic safe way to make toys.

Our all toys made out of sustainable creative, fun and engaging , 100% recyclable cardboard or wood. We design everything from scratch and ever toy comes with non-toxic paint.

We are not against the technology but we thought technology involved in many ways to our kids life. And most of the time technology made us lazy. We don’t want our children start their life like that. We want them to think, create, fail and play.

So our all toys comes in flat packing, kids need to make (or you need to help ) decorate, paint and play.

Our mission is

“Developed three distinct functional, educational and creative toys that are fun to play with, but at the same time are useful in teaching children needed skills.”